My own home decoration!

Happy May! I was hoping to have made a blog post last month about a separate project, but the stuff that I ordered for it got stuck at the courier’s dispatch centre… Unfortunately I’m not sure when it’s actually going to arrive so I’ll have to put it on hold for now. I still want to post about something though so I’m going to try something a bit different today.

I have made a lot of different things, but what do I actually do with them? As any proud crafter would, I have the decorative pieces on display all around my house. There are all-year-round things like the felt flower box frame that is hanging up on the wall in the porch area, and seasonal things like the origami spring flower wreath that is hanging in the dining room. There are also still some things around the place that I haven’t been able to find a permanent location for (see: macrame hanging plant, it’s still on my door handle!)

I’ll take you on a short tour around the place. Since the majority of guests tend to be in a living room, this is where a lot of my creations are. I have some wooden shelves on one side of the room, and one of them is dedicated to my display.

Living room shelf:

Yes, there are a couple of pieces that I have purchased from other creators on there too! Namely the origami dragon and the crochet sunflower – I just happened to come across them at various craft markets. The cast gemstone tree and the display katana are different things entirely but I liked the look of them. All other pieces are my own, and they range from multiple years of the Atelier’s lifespan. Yes, even some of the older pieces that are a bit rough and ready still have a chance to shine!

On display (left to right):

Living room bay window:

I have a privacy net so strangers can’t really see into the house, but there is still a shelf on the bay window. The large white synthetic floral piece was left by the previous owners and I kept it, but one day I think I might swap it out for my own grand floral piece if I ever get round to it! There is also a decorative fan I purchased. Unfortunately the decorations here tend to lose their colour due to being in direct sunlight at some times of the year, so I’ll have to rotate them out at some point. Sorry for the strange angle, I tried not to get anything identifiable in the shot.

On display:

Living room fireplace:

The fireplace can still be used so I do have to be wary of what I put here, in case it falls over. I made a few box frames but they are leaning against the wall here since I’m still unsure of where to hang these up. I also put out some old felt cupcakes to fill in the spaces.

On display:

Craft room:

Where the magic happens! Although I am still wary of where I can permanently place hanging hooks around the house, in this room I am happy to put all sorts of stuff up. I have a bunch of those clear Command hooks which I add every so often, and I just display stuff that isn’t really being used at the moment – at the moment that is mostly the Christmas themed stuff! It’s obviously out-of-season but I think they are too pretty to just put away. I actually have a small shoebox in the drawer that contains other Christmas stuff like the baubles that I made back in 2020.

On display:


The project that I mentioned before was meant to be for the bedroom. There are two hooks above the bed and I wanted to make something that can hang nicely above the frame. This was never meant to be a permanent display (they have been there since I moved in!), but this was just an example of how I like to add something to every wall possible. I made a lot of these kusudama balls and the best ones are on display!

On display:

Bedroom dresser:

I like making jewellery, and I especially like making hair pieces! I always buy lots of small hair clips, but then I ended up making my own hair clip tidy to show off my handmade ones. I also repurposed a jewellery stand to hold some of the bigger hair clips – it’s really filling up! There is also a small earring box to the side which is also showing off some hairbands. My jewellery storage is a bit more boring as it’s just all boxed up, but my hair clip storage is mostly on display as you can see.

On display:

When I make something, I will always try to find a purpose for it somewhere in the house, otherwise it would be a bit wasteful to not even get to use it. So hopefully I’ve shown off enough ways to add decorations to a home and to inspire you to try your own! I’ve linked all my projects in this post in case you want more information about how to make a piece or where I got the inspiration from. Happy crafting!

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