Macrame hanging plant

In my last post I showed you my felt succulent plant pot and I hinted that I was making it for something else. Well, it was because I spotted this macrame set in Hobbycraft first! This is a “Make your own Macrame Vase Kit” from the Hobbycraft Craft Kits line.

I’ve done bits of macrame before but this is a set for those looking for some more intermediate challenges. The set comes with a large bundle of macrame cord and four wooden beads, you have to provide the vase yourself. Fortunately I already have that ready to go!

The first new thing I learnt was a gathering knot to connect the cords to the ring. I’m sure this is a basic skill but I haven’t previously used this.

After that it’s a series of spiral knots hanging from the top, then square knots to form breaks and to connect the cords together.

The tutorial said to split the cords evenly, but I find that when doing macrame the center cords don’t get used as much as the left and right, or working, cords. So I split the cords 2/3rds instead to make sure that the outer cords are long enough.

Once the size of the vase is measured, tie a huge knot below it and insert the vase. And done! I don’t have a dedicated place to hang this yet as I’m still deciding where to put a ceiling hook in, so it is staying on my door handle for now.

I also used some of the leftover cord to make small macrame charms with some extra wooden rings. These can be attached to clips and used as bag charms, as an example.

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