Origami lily jar

It’s been a while since I did this. Here are the steps I took to assemble my own origami lily jar.

First, fold a number of origami lilies. I folded 10, one for each colour in a pack that I recently acquired.

Then, I attached wired gold and white pearls to florist’s wire and inserted one into each flower. I wanted to emulate some stamens as a new touch.

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Easter-themed chocolate cake

I had a bunch of friends coming over for the Easter weekend, so I baked a cake for everyone… and mainly for myself, haha.

I made a three-layered chocolate cake and covered the whole thing in chocolate buttercream icing. Then I stuck Kit Kats around the sides of the cake and used a ribbon to stick it together.

I then piped green vanilla-flavoured buttercream icing. I used a grass nozzle for this, although I was a bit hasty with trying to finish the piping in one go and ended up ruining some parts of the top, as you can see…


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Desk display – Flower jar

Trying to make a set of lilies for the house, but it’s taking a while and I keep losing focus.┬áHere’s something on the side for now.

Some kusudama flowers in a glass jar with some polished glass. I wanted to brighten up my office desk a bit. I got the paper as a gift, wires from a florist, the polished glass from Ikea, and the jar from a store that sold materials for origami star jars. I used superglue to attach the buttons and keep the wires in place.

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Carnelian – “Red sky”

If you are interested in carnelian as a healing stone, you can find its properties here.

Hello all! I am actually still alive! I have been dealing with the young adult life responsibilities of finding a place to live and working in a graduate job. It has been a few months since, but I think I have finally reached a comfortable routine in my life now, and I have a wonderful work area set up for my crafts, so I hope to be sharing more of that with you!

Anyway, on the topic at hand, here is a lovely dark red carnelian cabochon that I bought at a local market. Looking at the shape of it, I knew exactly how I would frame it. However, the end design differs slightly from what I originally wanted; the wires weren’t long enough to cover the front, so I adorned the frame instead.

I had felt a bit bad about not creating anything new for a while, so I had put everything else aside to sit down and design this in one night. I hope you like it as much as I do! Although I am slightly annoyed that I let the stone fall slightly to the side when I finished the frame, haha.

I also bought some rose gold chain to go with the copper wire, I like it a lot more than the dark copper I have been using so far.

Materials: carnelian cabochon, two 4mm topaz Swarovski bicones, 0.80mm copper wire

Modular – Isolde Sonobe

I chanced upon this book at a Waterstones shop a few months ago called Zen Origami, written by the well-known origami creator Maria Sinayskaya. It is a really nice book containing designs and instructions for 20 different modular origami projects, as well as 400 pieces of folding paper in 10 different patterns. A perfect size for taking with you on a journey!

The first project I have done (over the course of moving house and getting settled into my new job!) is the Isolde Sonobe. Many Sonobe units can be interlocked together to form larger modular objects, and the units themselves can be varied for different designs.

I folded the pieces using purple-patterned paper and attached to it some twine, beads, and Yoshizawa butterflies.