Modular – Selene Sonobe

Here is another model from the Zen Origami book, the Selene Sonobe.

Now, Sonobe models don’t have to be made with 30 units… I was about to make a 30-unit model, but I realised that the colours wouldn’t align well by itself. I should have made it with different colours from the start…

So instead I made a smaller 12-unit model. And it is very small compared to a 30-unit model. I added a Sonobe cube and some green glass beads to the string to decorate.

The flaps need to be curled slightly, so some contrast might be nice here!

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Pink kanzashi flower clip

I have made my first foray into kanzashi flower crafting!

A kanzashi is a traditional hair piece, often floral, used in Japanese hairstyles. These days, the term can refer to folded fabric flowers.

Here is a handy link to the tutorial that I used. Thanks, Crafty Angels! It’s great for starters like me.

I’d start with a very wide ribbon so you can get used to the steps. My mauve-coloured ribbon here is 5cm wide.

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Blue goldstone – Stellar light

Goldstone is a manmade stone with differently coloured specks of cobalt and manganese suspended in the stone to create a sparkle effect.

This version uses blue goldstone – a red goldstone is just as common and has flecks of copper. Some people like to call it ‘starstone’ instead.

I wrapped this using sterling silver wire and nothing else as I wanted to leave the stone mostly unobstructed by wires and other crystals.

Materials used: blue goldstone cabochon, 0.80mm and 0.40mm sterling silver wire

Hair clip tidy – WIP

I recently got into hair clip fever! I had a look at my massive stash of ribbons and decided to use them all for hair clips.

I ordered a lot of alligator and straight hair clips and got to work. Currently it’s looking mostly blue, but I’ll buy more colours soon…

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Origami lily jar

It’s been a while since I did this. Here are the steps I took to assemble my own origami lily jar.

First, fold a number of origami lilies. I folded 10, one for each colour in a pack that I recently acquired.

Then, I attached wired gold and white pearls to florist’s wire and inserted one into each flower. I wanted to emulate some stamens as a new touch.

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