Labradorite tree of life – “Quiet night”

If you are interested in labradorite as a healing stone, you can find its properties here.

After finishing my sunstone tree of life, I wanted to try again and hopefully not make any mistakes. This is a labradorite cabochon from a craft fair which was a little smaller and a bit more fiddly to work with, but the round front makes the silver tree really stand out.

I used the same style of wrapping as in my sunstone example, but this time I allowed for more wire so that I wouldn’t snap it by accident!

Materials: labradorite cabochon gemstone, 0.40mm and 0.80mm sterling silver wire

More large ribbon hair clips

I have owned a very large stash of ribbons for a long while, and I came up with the idea to make lots of large hair clips – have you ever seen the types of ribbons that cheerleaders wear? It mainly started from looking at the patterned ribbons and then working backwards.

All ribbons are attached to barrette clips. I wear them by clip it to the hair above a high half ponytail.

The first one use the white ribbon with black polka dots – I paired it with a large wide white ribbon and a black lace strip.

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Sunstone tree of life – “Wither”

If you are interested in sunstone as a healing stone, you can find its properties here.

I bought this teardrop-shaped sunstone gemstone from a craft fair a while ago and finally decided on what to do with it recently. I couldn’t figure out how to frame it, so instead I wrapped a tree of life around it. I made a very simple tree with not that many wires and it did not take long at all!

I followed this tutorial as a guideline, it was very useful to get some tips!

However I did mess up on one part of it… (Go easy on me, it was my first attempt!) When I wrapped the tree branches around the frame at the back, I accidentally snapped a wire by bending it too much. It still holds in place, but be careful with the finishing!

Materials: teardrop sunstone gemstone, 0.40mm and 0.80mm copper wire

Origami tulip vase

Apologies for the silence! I was a bit burnt out from planning a holiday and being away from home for so long. Now that everything is in order, I can share a project that I started in January, but only finished recently due to finding a spark of creativity!

I found some old gradient-coloured origami paper that I had never used until now. They suited the shape of tulip bulbs so well!

(If you would like to try it yourself, please head on over to Origami Instructions!)

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Christmas mega post!

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas day! I made quite a few things for Christmas this year, but I went away for a few days and didn’t schedule a post in time. Here are some of the bits I made so I can share my ideas with you all! (Expand the post to see more!)

For a Christmas bake sale, I made some themed chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing. The icing was coloured with forest green and it comes out with a lovely shade of green. Then I piped a black line of icing running from top to bottom, dotted the line with coloured chocolate balls, and topped it off with a star.

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