Festival-patterned kusudama bouquet

Some personal news – I moved house! I finally got out of a flat and into a house. Moving is stressful, but on the positive side, this new place would need decorations. I think I’m good at making stuff, so this was the last thing I made in that flat!

I bought this pack of origami paper a long time ago. It has 10 pretty patterns based on festivals and kimonos. (I used some for my origami earrings already!) Paired with some coloured flat-back pearls, I would make a new eye-catching bouquet!

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Kusudama “Hanagaku Mastuba”

Here is another model from Tomoko Fuse’s Kusudama origami book that I love following. The name of this model is “Hanagaku Matsuba”, written as 花額松葉 in Kanji. Roughly translated, you get the words “Flower frame” and “Pine needle”, but I wonder what it could be referring to in this case?

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Origami earrings collection

You may have seen that for a lot of my modular origami projects, I tend to cut smaller squares to make my units. Origami paper comes in 15cm squares usually, but I find that the finished model can be quite large, so I like cutting them into four 7.5cm squares, or even nine 5cm squares. But this usually leaves me with extra squares and nothing to use them on – the spare paper stack grows constantly!

I had a little paper varnish and some jewellery findings from different projects and thought, what if you could repurpose them as jewellery? You can fold small models and wear them. The paper varnish can help make the model sturdier and fare better against the elements.

Turns out the idea of origami jewellery – especially earrings – is already quite an established and popular idea if you look it up online, haha… But you can add a personal touch by using different kinds of paper patterns.

I went with three types of earrings. The first was a pair of black origami cranes on brass gold pins and earring hooks. The paper pattern here had some nice gold markings and red goldfish that really make it stand out!

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My first 3D shadowbox Pokémon TCG card – Sinistea!

Anyone who’s into any trading card game will have lots of spare cards lying around. I’ve heard some stores will take your spares but in bulk only – you have to sell a lot of cards in one go to make it worthwhile!

Shadowbox TCG cards have been emerging as a great way to turn old cards into something cooler. You can add depth by turning multiples of the same card into layers. The best tutorial I’ve come across is this one by TheJWitzz on YouTube.

I did a much simpler version without the paints for my first attempt. I chose Sinistea from the Sword and Shield set. Ideally you want to choose something with defined easy-to-cut objects.

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Origami spring flower wreath

Wreathes are a fantastic craft to make at home as you can use just about anything as your medium.

For my base I’ve used copper garden wire – it’s very soft and malleable, and it has a similar effect to branches. I looped a circle a few times, then wrapped wire around three locations – including the part at the bottom where the wire ends are. They will be hidden eventually!

I also looped some twine around the top as it will be hung on a wall.

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