Macrame hanging plant

In my last post I showed you my felt succulent plant pot and that I was making it for something else. Well, it was because I spotted this macrame set in Hobbycraft!

I’ve done bits of macrame before but this is a set for those looking for some more intermediate challenges. The set comes with a large bundle of macrame cord and four wooden beads, you have to provide the vase yourself.

The first new thing I learnt was a gathering knot to connect the cords to the ring.

After that it’s a series of spiral knots, square knots, and normal knots.

The tutorial said to split the cords evenly, but I find that when doing macrame the center cords don’t get used as much as the left and right, or working, cords. So I split the cords 2/3rds instead.

Once the size of the vase is measured, tie a huge knot below it and insert the vase. And done! I don’t have a dedicated place to hang this yet as I’m still deciding where to put a ceiling hook in, so it is staying on my door handle for now.

I also used some of the leftover cord to make small macrame charms with some extra wooden rings. These can be attached to clips.

Felt succulent planter pot

I have been working on making this hanging pot decoration (soon to come in another post!) but I wanted to add my own plants to the pot.

At first, I thought I should make an origami plant pot as I already make a lot of origami decorations, but I decided against it as the paper might bend in the pot.

Instead, thinking back to my Felt flower box frame that I created last year and the fantastic Hobbycraft felt succulent tutorial, I decided to make some succulents.

First, I found this empty pot – actually it’s a candle holder but repurposed! Then I cut a shapes block of dry foam to fit the inside.

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Christmas decorations for a house

I’ve always lived in flats owned by other people, so I never wanted to decorate them or stick things to the walls. However this year I have a house, and that means I can make all the changes I want in the world!

This year I went away, so I only made a few things. The first was a star garland for the wall. I made 8 origami stars out of frosted silver and gold paper, then I threaded some twine through each one. I bought some Command easy wall hooks to hang this up in my room.

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Festival-patterned kusudama bouquet

Some personal news – I moved house! I finally got out of a flat and into a house. Moving is stressful, but on the positive side, this new place would need decorations. I think I’m good at making stuff, so this was the last thing I made in that flat!

I bought this pack of origami paper a long time ago. It has 10 pretty patterns based on festivals and kimonos. (I used some for my origami earrings already!) Paired with some coloured flat-back pearls, I would make a new eye-catching bouquet!

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Kusudama “Hanagaku Mastuba”

Here is another model from Tomoko Fuse’s Kusudama origami book that I love following. The name of this model is “Hanagaku Matsuba”, written as 花額松葉 in Kanji. Roughly translated, you get the words “Flower frame” and “Pine needle”, but I wonder what it could be referring to in this case?

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