Origami carambola flower bouquet

I previously touched upon carambola flowers in my last blog post. After a bit of trying and searching, this excellent video by ZIZ origami helped me understand how to fold one properly. I highly recommend you check it out!

I made a bunch of flowers out of three shades of blue. The paper was cut from 12cm squares, then cut into pentagons.

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Mixed purple origami bouquet

When you look up origami bouquets, you might see images of different types of origami flowers, folded from patterned or themed paper, and tied up neatly and used as a decoration or even a bride’s bouquet. Most of the bouquets I’ve made before have all been one type of flower but in different colour shades, so I spent a bit of time trying to do this.

The most popular flowers are lilies, tulips, and kusudama flowers. I mixed up lots of colours and patterns. I added some carambola flowers later too – I had to learn how to make these from a video but I may do more with this in a different project!

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A crafty Christmas

Like many people around the world, I haven’t been able to travel for a Christmas gathering. This is the first time I’ve spent Christmas without my family, and so I’ve set up my very first Christmas tree in the corner of my home. I’ve made a lot of the ornaments myself to personalise it!

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Felt flower box frame

When I need inspiration, the Hobbycraft blog is one of my favourite places to visit. Lots of guest writers contribute ideas of various crafts to it, and I found this blog post of how to make a felt succulent letter which gave me my next idea.

The blog post showed how to make succulents and leaves, but I also did some research on how to make various felt flowers for variety.

I made a lot more than the ones pictures below, but these were the ones I was happy with! There were various techniques used including sewing and hot glue guns to roll the felt up. I also cut some green felt leaves as space filler.

Then I cut out a piece of white mount board and arranged the felt pieces with a nice layout, before I attached everything with a hot glue gun.

The finished frame is a lovely small decoration that can function as a nice gift.

Materials: felt sheets, a 20cm square white deep box frame, needle and thread, hot glue

Deep box frame – origami butterflies

Hobbycraft has this blog post on ways to use a deep box frame and I got inspired to make an origami-themed frame.

I used pink 7.5cm squares of paper to make Yoshizawa butterflies, and green squares to make pinwheels. I also cut them into quarters to make smaller pieces.

You also need a piece of mountboard cut to the same size as the visible frame, to glue all the pieces to.

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