Origami carambola flower bouquet

I previously touched upon carambola flowers in my last blog post. After a bit of trying and searching, this excellent video by ZIZ origami helped me understand how to fold one properly. I highly recommend you check it out!

I made a bunch of flowers out of three shades of blue. The paper was cut from 12cm squares, then cut into pentagons.

When the flower is folded, the underside will be open, and you will need to hot glue the points together. Here you can also add a florist wire for making bouquets with. I used 18g wire here.

When the flowers are arranged, use a bit of florist tape to hold the wires together. This will be covered by some ribbon so it’s okay if it looks messy!

Carambola flowers are quite sturdy and assuming you’ve hot glued them properly, they won’t move too much. I have that problem with origami lilies quite a lot…

I used a piece of dark blue satin ribbon to cover the stems. I only had a little bit, so I tied a short bow and used a small glass jar to display the bouquet with.

Materials: pentagons cut from 12cm square blue paper, 18g florist wire, florist tape, dark blue satin ribbon

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