Kusudama “Hanagaku Matsuba”

Here is another model from Tomoko Fuse’s Kusudama Origami book that I love making models from. The name of this model is “Hanagaku Matsuba”, written as 花額松葉 in Kanji. Roughly translated, you get the words “Flower frame” and “Pine needle”. Previously the other names have been fairly descriptive, but I wonder what it could be referring to in this case?

Each unit is composed of four pieces: the square frame, the flower insert, the square flower insert, and the triangular connecting unit. I had similar colours but different patterns to work with.

You need eight triangular pieces and six of everything else.

I like to add a dab of PVA glue to secure some units together, but you don’t need to use glue to make a proper kusudama because it should lock together properly. However I like to hang them on walls so the glue is for security. Sometimes if you apply too much PVA then it can ruin the piece, so do be careful.

For decorating a kusudama, I like to add a thing to hang below the model. Here I’ve made twine tassels with the same colour theme as the kusudama.

Use a few knots to secure the thread through the kusudama so that it cannot fall out if it comes undone.

The book also suggests that you slightly curl the petals on the flower inserts. I assembled the model first and then curled the petals afterwards using a wooden skewer.

It is a lovely little model, and I think the tassel accentuates the colours.

– chiyogami paper
– duo-patterned paper
– twine thread

Tools needed:
– PVA glue
– craft knife and cutting mat
– scissors

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