Two kusudama bouquets

Hi, it’s been a long while! I’ll be uploading some old photos to catch up on things I’ve missed.

One of my old makes, the blue kusudama flower bouquet, has found new life in my new flat. It sits on top of a cabinet next to the window. And I thought, I could totally make another one!

I felt like I should make another bouquet since I haven’t done one in a while. Since it is coming up to Valentine’s Day, here is a red and pink bouquet. The flowers are much larger, as it uses 7.5cm squares unlike the 5cm squares used in the blue bouquet.

I also glued red button centres and wrapped it in green satin ribbon. Two bouquets of similar yet different styles. They are just so easy to do!

Materials: red and pink paper, red buttons, florist wire, green ribbon, hot glue

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