More large ribbon hair clips

I have owned a very large stash of ribbons for a long while, and I came up with the idea to make lots of large hair clips – have you ever seen the types of ribbons that cheerleaders wear? It mainly started from looking at the patterned ribbons and then working backwards.

All ribbons are attached to barrette clips. I wear them by clip it to the hair above a high half ponytail.

The first one use the white ribbon with black polka dots – I paired it with a large wide white ribbon and a black lace strip.

The second one used a blue gingham ribbon and a white ribbon with blue flowers – I paired it with light blues of varying widths.

Honestly it was not too hard to do something like this. Just remember that the ribbons do need sealing, either PVA glue or a lighter flame can seal them! (I did have to retrim the ends of these after taking the pictures…)

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