Flower hairband v2

Since the time I made my blue flower hairband, I’ve been wearing it whenever I can. But I realised that its colour scheme does not suit all occasions, so I decided to make an “evening-themed” hairband.

The process is very much the same, but the colours chosen and the decoration methods were different. Firstly, I bought lots of black ribbon to cover the hairband and make flowers from. This time, I also made flowers from matching colours in organza ribbon as well, so it was no longer all made from satin. Organza has a nice shine to it so it stands out, even against my mostly black hair.


In my last hairband, I used ribbon on the last flower to hang off, but I felt that it didn’t suit this hairband. Instead, I made flowing nylon threads of bugle beads, crystal beads and pearls, held in place by crimp beads and sewn to the base of the last flower.


This creates a new type of hairband that you can wear with more formal types of dress. I find that once you’ve made one hairband, you’ll want to make more for all sorts of occasions!


Materials: black and white satin ribbons, black organza ribbon, hairband, crystal beads, silver and clear bugle beads, pearls, superglue, white thread and needle

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