Felt flower box frame

When I need inspiration, the Hobbycraft blog is one of my favourite places to visit. Lots of guest writers contribute ideas of various crafts to it, and I found this blog post of how to make a felt succulent letter which gave me my next idea.

The blog post showed how to make succulents and leaves, but I also did some research on how to make various felt flowers for variety.

I made a lot more than the ones pictures below, but these were the ones I was happy with! There were various techniques used including sewing and hot glue guns to roll the felt up. I also cut some green felt leaves as space filler.

Then I cut out a piece of white mount board and arranged the felt pieces with a nice layout, before I attached everything with a hot glue gun.

The finished frame is a lovely small decoration that can function as a nice gift.

Materials needed:
– assorted felt sheets
– a 20cm square white deep box frame
– coloured thread
– mount board

Tools needed:
– hot glue gun
– sewing needle

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