Origami tulip vase

Apologies for the silence! I was a bit burnt out from planning a holiday and being away from home for so long. Now that everything is in order, I can share a project that I started in January, but only finished recently due to finding a spark of creativity!

I found some old gradient-coloured origami paper that I had never used until now. They suited the shape of tulip bulbs so well! There were ten different colours so I made one of each. Green is an odd colour for a tulip, but I like the rainbow theme so I included it.

(If you would like to try it yourself, please head on over to Origami Instructions!)

For the longest time, I put off securing some wires for stems because I thought they would not be sturdy enough by themselves. After some research, I noticed that tulip stems were very straight and not bendy… So to emulate the look of a tulip stem, I took some wooden skewers and wrapped them in florist’s tape. Now, the colour of the skewer did come through a fair bit with this thin florist’s tape… Next time I will buy a darker coloured tape. Along the way, I added cut pieces of green paper for leaves.

To secure the stems in place, I added some hot glue to the tips of the skewers and inserted them into the holes of the tulip bases. Careful! The hot glue can cause the florist’s tape to melt away, so you might not want to start wrapping from the top.

Because of the straight stems, you will need a large wide vase to hold the flowers. I also added some coloured glass pebbles to hide the bottom of the vase and stems. The result is a lovely vibrantly-coloured centrepiece that wouldn’t look out of place on a table!

Materials needed:
– 10 x 15cm square origami paper
– green paper for leaves
– wooden skewers
– florist tape

Tools needed:
– hot glue gun
– scissors

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