About the author

Hello there! I’m Helen, a person from the UK who by day works a full-time office job and I love crafting in my spare time. I’m purely a hobbyist who does both crafting and blogging for fun.

About the blog

I’m always looking for new things to make, and new ways to make something. This blog will be mainly to go a little more in-depth about my creations and the process. The materials I used, how long I worked on it for, and my thoughts about how fun it was.

I currently make everything in my spare time and when I want to. I try to aim for a monthly blog post but I can’t guarantee this depending on what life throws at me. I always want to try making time for crafting projects!

The blog is currently undergoing a full makeover as I try to add a more modern look to the blog, update older posts with helpful info, and tag proper links to everything.

The beginnings of Atelier Ilyere

2013 – The first iteration of Atelier Ilyere, a study desk at my university home

I first started making origami and basic bead jewellery in my college years because I wanted to learn how to make things from scratch. I bought packs of basic A4 coloured paper and stock glass beads from local stores to start with and made things that could really wow people.

I had a stint in Cambridge where I learnt a lot about gemstones, jewellery-making and beads from particular stores I loved visiting.

I then studied my degree in Birmingham and branched out more into jewellery as I lived near the famous Jewellery Quarter and would order from shops often there. I also really got into baking and cake decorating somehow because I liked to entertain people…

Now on top of origami, cards, paper-based decorations, and jewellery, I have now learnt other things like sewing, macramé… And I’m always looking to make the list grow.

The Atelier has always followed me wherever I went when I was younger, but I recently moved into a lovely home and finally created my very own dedicated craft room! I’m also really into the home decor phase now!

Connect with me!

WordPress and Instagram are the ones I’m most active on. I have a couple of YouTube tutorials from a long time ago so I’ve linked them anyway below.

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