About the author

Hello there! I’m Helen, a person from the UK who loves crafting in her spare time. I’m purely a hobbyist who does this for fun and not as a job.

About the blog

I’m always looking for new things to make, and new ways to make something. This blog will be mainly to go a little more in-depth about my creations and the process. The materials I used, how long I worked on it for, and my thoughts about how fun it was.

I currently make everything in my spare time and when I want to. I try to aim for a monthly blog post but I can’t guarantee this.

The blog is currently undergoing a full makeover as I try to add a more modern look to the blog, add older posts with helpful info, and tag proper links to everything.

The beginnings of Atelier Ilyere

I first started making origami and basic bead jewellery in my college years because I wanted to learn how to make things from scratch.

I then studied my degree in Birmingham and branched out more into jewellery as I lived near the famous Jewellery Quarter and would frequent it often / order from shops there.

Now on top of origami, cards, and paper-based decorations, I have now learnt other things like jewellery, sewing, macramé… And I’m always looking to make the list grow.

The Atelier has always followed me wherever I went when I was younger, but I recently moved into a lovely home and finally created my very own dedicated craft room! I’m really into my home decor now!

Connect with me!

Full disclosure – WordPress and Instagram are the ones I’m most active on, I have a couple of YouTube tutorials from a long time ago so I’ve linked them anyway.

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