Birdie jar decoration

A curious idea, it involves taking a small storage jar and filling it with something that you want to keep as a decoration and not take out. This is because you seal the jar at the end to make it look prettier.

Materials provided were a small bird figurine and fake grass. The rest of the design was up to you. It was suggested that you could pick up some natural items such as twigs to help authenticate the look.

I found a bunch of twigs and attached the bird’s feet to one of them. I also picked up some dead leaves to place into the jar, over the fake grass. Then I covered the lid with flower-patterned fabric and covered the wire holding the fabric in place with red ribbon. This is to hide the ‘unsightly’ parts of the lid such as the metal parts.

It’s important to make sure that the fabric doesn’t cover the bird. I had to cut a rectangular piece of fabric rather than a square piece to sufficiently cover the lid.


The fake grass really is nice. There’s even what looks to be a few small flowers in it! You could glue it down with PVA glue if you wanted to, but I thought that would be rather messy.

Originally, the bird was kept in place in the box with small wires protruding from its feet. I cut it down to size and used a small part of it to wrap around the twig and hold it in place.

P1010226Quite a simple piece. I like using jars as well, but traditionally I’ve always filled jars with origami, so this is a nice change.

P1010224Materials: Small jar, bird figurine, fabric, ribbon, wire, fake grass, twigs, dead leaves

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