Jar of 500 cranes

I find it somewhat therapeutic to fold origami cranes. It also gives you something to do when you have nothing else to do, or you’re stuck and deliberating over a problem like I am. If you cut your own paper like me however, it will take you a lot longer. I’d say on and off this project took almost six months. I’m a busy uni student after all! Or, well, I should be.

This jar, I believe, is a 1.75 litre one? Well, I heard you need a gallon jar to fit a 1000 cranes in. And this jar here was the largest I could find, fitting only 500. Shame really, but the real question is how to present the next 500? In an identical looking jar, or as a separate project?

Well, I’m going back to Cambridge this weekend and my exams are in June, so it’s best I don’t focus too much on this, eh?


Materials: 500 5cm squares of paper in ten different colours, one 1.75 litre jar, craft knife and cutting mat

4 thoughts on “Jar of 500 cranes

  1. Louise

    This is really random but I’m trying to find a jar to fit 50 paper cranes … it’s for a 50th Birthday gift, and I’ve had to order the cranes because I won’t have time to make them before Sunday 🤦‍♀️ I think they are made from 10 x 10cm paper but until I get them I can’t figure out what size jar to use … any ideas?!
    Hopefully you’ll see this message!
    Thanks in advance hahaha!
    Louise x

    1. Hi Louise, thank you for your message!

      The cranes I make are from 5cm or 7cm square paper, so 10cm square paper will make quite big cranes. If you are using a decorative jar then I think a jar about 12cm tall and 7cm wide can fit 50 of them. Also a small 500ml Mason jar used for things like jam preservation look like they would work.

      I hope this helps!

  2. xMissEquestrianx

    Pretty as always! I’ve always wondered the equivalent of innocent trees you have cut down from all your origami paper use? 😉

    1. Probably too many to count… It’s funny really, because I’m the sort of person that tries not to waste paper when writing stuff up. XD

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