Origami butterflies box frame

Hobbycraft has this blog post on ways to use a deep box frame and I got inspired to make an origami-themed frame.

I used pink 7.5cm squares of paper to make Yoshizawa butterflies (there are two types, v1 is shown here on Origami Instructions), and green squares to make pinwheels. I also cut them into quarters to make smaller pieces.

You also need a piece of mountboard cut to the same size as the visible frame, to glue all the pieces to.

The pinwheels were made by cutting bamboo skewers to size and a white button was hot-glued to the front.

Then you can simply hot-glue all the components down and reassemble the frame.

Deep box frames are very versatile! You can preserve anything you want to without letting it get damaged when exposed, so long as you glue them down securely. I will definitely go back and buy more frames!

It might look a little plain but it is my first attempt. I will have the confidence to try a more adventurous design next time.

Materials needed:
– 7.5cm squares of patterned paper
– 22cm white deep box frame
– bamboo skewers
– white buttons
– mount board

Tools needed:
– hot glue gun
– craft knife and cutting mat

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