Origami spring flower wreath

Wreathes are a fantastic craft to make at home as you can use just about anything as your medium.

For my base I’ve used copper garden wire – it’s very soft and malleable, and it has a similar effect to branches. I looped a circle a few times, then wrapped wire around three locations – including the part at the bottom where the wire ends are. You can try to hide them if you want to but it doesn’t bother me too much!

I also looped some twine around the top as it will be hung on a wall.

I made some origami carambola flowers (see Origami carambola flower bouquet) of varying sizes and in spring colours, and some green leaves to decorate the wreath with. You can cover the whole wreath if you want to, but I only planned to cover the bottom part.

Originally I tried to hot glue the flowers straight onto the base wire, but that didn’t work out so well for me. Instead I hot glued smaller 0.8mm copper wire stems to everything.

With two wires coming out of each flower, I could wrap the wires around the wreath base in different directions, thereby securing the flower in a neat and proper way.

For the leaves I hot glued two pieces to a wire stem and then wrapped around the base. Here you can make sure that these wires are not visible by arranging the flowers above them!

The assembly took no time at all once I figured out how to do it – cutting out the paper took longer! This lovely wreath sits above my bed and brings some nice colour to my bedroom.

There are plenty of variations to be made here, for example you could use actual branches for the wreath bases, or felt flowers instead of paper – anything really!

Materials: assorted coloured papers, 1.5mm copper garden wire, 0.80mm copper wire, craft knife, hot glue

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