Quilled Valentine’s Day card

Have you ever heard of quilling? It’s the art of rolling paper up into circles and gluing them down to make pictures. I was intrigued by the concept and bought a starter kit from Hobbycraft. It is called the Beginner’s Quilling Kit by Quilled Creations. It contains quilling paper, three tools, a glue stick, a […]

Ribbon heart dangler

As a suggested Mother’s Day project, CraftSoc held a meeting to make heart danglers. You would sew together a series of stuffed felt hearts, with or without lavender for scent, and then attach to a length of ribbon. You could then hang this length on wherever you like. I made my dangler with four hearts. […]

Moonstone – “Protective aura”

A heart-shaped stone of unknown origins. I asked the lady at the gemstone stall about it. She thinks it would be either moonstone or milky quartz. Since it gives off the same shine as my moonstone tree of life, I’ll say it’s moonstone too. The name is inspired by the fact that it is a […]