Valentine’s Day Card 2023

I dug out a box from my old home which contained all of my old greetings cards and gift tags! I have a variety of cards with pretty patterns on and seasonal designs. I used to make so many and in such a short time. I’m not sure if I would ever give them out to people but they are nice to look at!

I used to make greetings cards a lot but I stopped doing it for a good couple of years… The last few that I made, I just drew pictures of stuff from video games that we shared a common interest in so it didn’t require much cardmaking effort to make.

When I was looking through card ideas the other day, I saw this one by Laura’s Paper Craft Ideas that inspired me to pick up the craft knife again. She uses and provides a full list of materials which I don’t use, so I made some adjustments to my own.

The main thing I started with was this premium paper stack that I bought a while ago as well, it was a shame that it just sat there not being used. I don’t have a die cutting machine, so I made a lot of free-hand heart templates out of card to use. I was going to cut out hearts in various pretty patterns.

There was this one background piece that I wanted to use, but when I cut it down to the size of the card, it cut off the design in the corner, so I followed the original design of cutting it diagonally. I only used plain white card as the backing but a pearlescent shimmery card would have been nice.

I used red card for the base and a piece of black card for another layer. I roughly laid out my design and laid out all the hearts on the diagonal. The cardstock was double-sided so I could use a different pattern if I didn’t like how it looked. The big heart in the middle used an embossed glitter pattern to really stand out.

The DIY tutorial suggested to use a sentiment stamp for the empty white space on the bottom left, but I don’t have any. The paperstack came with a gift tag page, so I cut out a gift tag and practiced my fancy handwriting instead!

I used a liquid paper glue stick to stick all the pieces together. For the embossed heart and gift tag, I used a foam pad to add depth. I also added a hot pink ribbon to the gift tag as well. I stuck a piece of white paper inside the card and hand-wrote a message.

I like doing cards for seasonal events, but I might think about expanding my inventory to do all sorts of cards now!

Materials needed:
– heart-themed paper stack
– red/white/black card
– white paper
– hot pink satin ribbon
– foam pads

Tools needed:
– paper glue stick
– scissors
– craft knife and cutting mat

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