Moonstone – “Protective aura”

A heart-shaped stone of unknown origins. I asked the lady at the gemstone stall about it. She thinks it would be either moonstone or milky quartz. Since it gives off the same shine as my moonstone tree of life, I’ll say it’s moonstone too.

The name is inspired by the fact that it is a gift from my boyfriend. It was given to me before I started wire-wrapping, and I would keep it in a paper sachet at home. I’m happy I can take it with me now.

A bit different from my usual stones, since it isn’t round. I tried to wrapped it in such a way that you would still be able to see the heart shape. The simplistic silver design with a single Swarovski bead doesn’t take the attention away from the shine of the stone. P1000603

Materials: Heart stone, 0.80mm silver-plated wire, one Crystal Clear Swarovski AB bicone bead jewellery pliers

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