Ribbon heart dangler

As a suggested Mother’s Day project, CraftSoc held a meeting to make heart danglers. You would sew together a series of stuffed felt hearts, with or without lavender for scent, and then attach to a length of ribbon. You could then hang this length on wherever you like. I made my dangler with four hearts.

The first heart is red and its design was a white ribbon bow bound by a red button.


The second heart is blue and its design was a blue flower pattern cut out from fabric and sewn on.

P1010221The third heart is white and its design was a butterfly made from other pieces of felt and black thread.

P1010222And the last heart is black and its design was a flower motif that I cut out of fabric and sewed on.

P1010223I attached the ribbon by sewing the backs of the hearts on first before attaching the front. It’s fiddly but it looks better when the ribbon is hidden. I finished the ribbon by making a loop in the top and sewing a large button to cover the ends.


P1010219Materials: Pieces of felt (with paper, pen and scissors to cut out templates), ribbons, buttons, fabric, thread

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