Valentine’s Day 2015

I haven’t done anything for a while now. >_<

I insisted on making something for my other half today since I didn’t have my present ready in time. Flicking through my paper stacks, I found this lovely paper design with a pretty border. So I cut it down to size, keeping one of the corners, and glued that onto a square of scored card.

Tag designs are very simple, you just cut out a tag shape and hole-punch the top. Then you tie a length of ribbon into a bow with the tag in the middle, and glue in place on the paper. Finally, some red adhesive gems were used to form a heart shape.

P1010717In other news, I’ve been slowly working on a coloured playmat. I put pictures of the progress so far on my Facebook page, as I prefer not to spam this blog so much.

Materials: 13cm scored red card, themed paper, organza ribbon, red adhesive gems

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