Gemstone chip earrings

What can you do with a lot of gemstone chips lying about? I bought a lot of these chip strings as I used them for my tree of life pendants before, but I never seem to use all the chips and have a lot left over. I have most of them sitting in this nice box just tucked away in my drawers. It’s very organised but it feels like a waste to leave them in here!

I did some research using Google Images to see what people made. Seems the chips go well with ball end pins so I ordered in three different colours of pins. I decided to make earrings with them and used about 14 chips per single earring.

For these amethyst chips I matched them with silver findings, but I find that amethyst can work with gold too.

I made a few matching jump rings for the chips to attach to. You want the chips to be on either side of the connecting ring so that it cascades neatly, otherwise it will be lopsided.

The earrings did not take long to make as you can work out a way to cut lots of jump rings easily, so I ended up making extra pairs! I also wanted to use a different colour of wire with each one.

I paired sunstone chips with rose gold findings, and green fluorite chips with gold findings. You can use your own colour combinations, but I liked these the most!

Materials needed:
– amethyst/sunstone/green fluorite gemstone chips
– silver/rose gold/brass ball end pins
– 0.8mm silver/rose gold/brass wire
– silver/rose gold/brass earring hooks

Tools needed:
– jewellery pliers
– wire cutters

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