Black macrame bracelet stack

The other day I noticed that I did not own any black bracelets when I looked through my accessories. I already knew how to do a square knot macrame bracelet, so I got some waxed black cord and black rattail, and started making a bracelet.

When I finished it and wore it, I though my wrist still looked a bit bare. I wanted more bracelets, but not using the same styles. My research of macrame knotting took me to this page by Decor Hint where I learnt different ways to apply the square knot, and a new knot called the half hitch knot.

The end result is that I made four bracelets total to wear separately or all together! From top to bottom, here is what I did:

  • Square knot with a large glass bead, and a square knot slider to adjust the tightness
  • Square knot on rattail with a rattail loop and button fastener
  • Half hitch diagonal with a braided plait to tie a knot with
  • Square knot spiral with a cord loop and button fastener

I’ve enjoyed wearing them all together on the same wrist. I would definitely like more bracelets with different coloured beads too!

Materials: waxed black cord, large glass bead

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