Kusudama – “Sankaku tairu to kuremachisu kumi awase”

This is the Kusudama – “Sankaku tairu to kuremachisu kumi awase” (三角タイルとクレマチスの組み合わせ) model from the Kusudama Origami book. I think you can loosely translate it to a ‘triangle tile and clematis mix’ kusudama.

The clematis is referring to this flower face that you can insert into the panels. It’s quite complicated to fold using smaller sized paper for me, so I cut octagons from 15cm square paper as my base. Then you fold a smaller square insert to cover the centre of the flower.

The triangle tile refers to the connecting windmill pattern. You want this to match the colour of your flower tiles.

I threaded through four strings, to hang two sets of cranes and two bead strings.

Since I used 15cm paper for every tile, the model is huge! Here is a picture next to my normal kusudama ball made with 7.5cm paper.

Next time I’ll use 7.5cm paper once I am confident with folding the clematis flower.

Materials: Six 15cm squares of double-sided paper, six 15cm squares of dual-sided blue paper, eight 7.5cm squares of blue paper (for the flower and the cranes), eight 15cm squares of dual-side blue paper (for the triangle), blue twine, various glass beads

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