Kusudama – “Sankaku Tairu to Kuremachisu Kumi Awase”

This is the Kusudama – “Sankaku tairu to kuremachisu kumi awase” (三角タイルとクレマチスの組み合わせ) model from Tomoko Fuse’s Kusudama Origami book. I think you can loosely translate it to a ‘triangle tile and clematis mix’ kusudama.

The clematis is referring to this flower face that you can insert into the panels. It’s quite complicated to fold using smaller sized paper for me, so I cut octagons from 15cm square paper as my base. Then you fold a smaller square insert to cover the centre of the flower.

I added two blue origami cranes and some blue glass beads to the strings.

Unfortunately it’s significantly larger than the other models I normally make… It does stand out a little bit in the collection. I will try to downsize it little next time! This is normally why I cut the origami paper into four.

Materials needed:
– patterned origami paper
– duo-coloured blue origami paper
– blue glass beads
– twine

Tools needed:
– PVA glue
– craft knife and cutting mat

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