A crafty Christmas 2018

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas day! I made quite a few things for Christmas this year, but I went away for a few days and didn’t schedule a post in time. Here are some of the bits I made so I can share my ideas with you all! 

For a Christmas bake sale, I made some themed chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing. The icing was coloured with forest green and it comes out with a lovely shade of green. Then I piped a black line (not so neatly) of icing running from top to bottom, dotted the line with coloured chocolate balls, and topped it off with a white chocolate star.

I also decorated my work desk with some 3D origami decorations: a Christmas tree and a Santa Claus. The tree is made from layers of connected bases, glued on top of each other to create the tree effect. I added some glass pearls with glue and wrapped some small tinsel.

The presents are plain Sonobe cube units with some curling ribbon. I glued everything together for security and so I could transport them.

If you are into sewing, I also made a Christmas stocking! I used this tutorial from The Spruce Crafts, I used felt instead of fleece and it came out quite nicely seeing as I didn’t measure my pieces out correctly because I didn’t really plan for this!

Materials for the desk decorations:
– assorted coloured paper,
– tinsel
– glass beads
– curling ribbon

Tools needed:
– scissors
– PVA glue

Materials for the stocking:
– red and white felt
– red ribbon

Tools needed:
– sewing needle

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