Sparkly black jewellery set

My workplace Christmas party was yesterday, and the theme was ‘Glitz and Glamour’. I’m not a fan of showy dresses, so I opted instead to go for a plain dress, but make the accessories sparkly. Yes, I did wait until after the party happened to post this!

My heels and clutch bag both had sparkling clear crystals and a mixture of white and grey pearls adorned on them, so I used a similar idea with my jewellery. I mixed faceted black beads, grey beads, and crystal rondelles with ivory oval pearls. My dress was an off-the-shoulder one, so I created a choker-style necklace that wouldn’t hang too far down the neck. There wasn’t too much order with the beads but it is symmetrical with a central pearl.

My hair is a bit long for earrings, but I made some matching earrings anyway. I attached beads to head pins and jump rings to make a set of cluster earrings.

I don’t own many chokers as I find them hard to pair with everyday outfits, so I would wear this again for other events!

Materials needed:
– 6mm faceted black/grey beads
– 6mm ivory oval pearls
– 6mm crystal rondelles
– 4mm faceted black beads
– silver findings
– metal beading wire

Tools needed:
– jewellery pliers
– wire cutters

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