Origami lily vase

It’s been a while since I did one of these – it feels like I want to make a vase for every new place I move to! Anyway, here are the steps I took to assemble my own origami lily jar.

First, fold a number of origami lilies. I folded 10, one for each colour in a pack that I recently acquired.

Then, I attached wired gold and white pearls to florist wire and inserted one into each flower. I wanted to emulate some stamens as a new touch.

You can add some green pieces of paper as leaves if you wish. I added one to every flower, with slightly different sizes and at different heights. I used the scissor point to poke holes into the leaves and curl them.

All that’s left is to use florist tape to secure the bases of the flowers. I would start just under the flower and keep wrapping around the base of the flower and the inner wire until it is secure, and then wrap downwards.

Wrapping the leaf to keep it steady is a bit difficult, you just have to be a little creative. I would wrap them around the stem and secure with tape.

I took a tall medium-sized jar and placed the flowers in, then I filled the space around it with polished glass to hold them in place. And here is the completed jar!

Sorry for the background, I can only use my windowsill to take clear pictures from right now…

Materials needed:
– 10 x 15cm origami paper
– florist wire
– florist tape
– gold and white glass pearls
– tall glass jar
– small polished glass shards

Tools needed:
– wire cutters
– scissors

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