Easter-themed chocolate cake

I had a bunch of friends coming over for the Easter weekend, so I baked a cake for everyone… and mainly for myself, because I’ve always wanted to try one of these!

I made a three-layered basic chocolate cake (think Victoria sponge but chocolate) and covered the whole thing in a milk chocolate buttercream icing. Then I stuck Kit Kats around the sides of the cake and used a ribbon to stick it together and hold it all.

I then piped green vanilla-flavoured buttercream icing. I used a grass nozzle for this, newly purchased, although I was a bit hasty with trying to finish the piping in one go and ended up ruining some parts of the top, as you can see by the slightly mushed parts…


Using some cleverly placed Smarties eggs and Lindt chocolate bunnies, the result is a slightly cleaner looking cake, representing a grass meadow filled with Easter bunnies… Very fun to make! And the grass nozzle is great to use, I will be sure to use it again! Piping is seriously so much fun.

Be careful cutting the cake though, the Kit Kats definitely have to come off first!


Materials needed:
– chocolate cake ingredients
– Easter eggs and bunnies
– Kit Kats
– gold organza ribbon

Tools needed:
– cake tins
– grass nozzle for piping

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