Blue kusudama flower bouquet

One of the loveliest things I’ve ever made. I hope to make more of these bouquets. They are most commonly used as bridal bouquets and for special occasions, but I made one because I wanted to, not because I have any upcoming occasions of my own. It would be nice for a DIY wedding and the like.

This will be a fairly large photo tutorial post, with detailed explanations to show off my hard work.

I bought a lovely pack of Tant paper from my holiday in Hong Kong back in July. It contained 48 sheets of sturdy paper of size 15cm squares in twelve different shades of blue. Blue is my favourite colour, I had to buy it!


Kusudama flowers are a very easy flower to make. If you’ve not tried before, I made a tutorial ages ago on how to make a large flower. I cut the paper into 5cm squares until I had 10 squares of each colour. This will make 24 flowers total.


Next I took florist’s wire stems and made a small loop on one end with round-nosed pliers. I added a dab of superglue to the loop and inserted the wire from the uncurled end into the top of the flower, the widest part of the centre. When the loop can’t be pushed any further, superglue a small white button to the centre of the flower to cover the wire loop.


Here’s the first bunch of twelve flowers that I made, don’t the colours look lovely?

P1000862Once all 24 flowers are assembled, I group flowers into bunches of three. Then I used florist’s tape to hold them together.

P1000863After grouping flowers, I combined the groups into pairs and used more tape to hold them together. Eventually the whole bouquet is covered by tape. Don’t worry too much about how the tape looks, the finished product will hide the tape.

P1000864I used ribbon to cover up the green tape. I chose dark red instead of blue to give a nice contrast and keep the focus on the flowers. Using superglue, I held up one third of the ribbon against the stem and used the other part to wrap around the ribbon and the stem. At the top, I knotted the ribbon and created a bow. All the while, I used dabs of superglue at certain parts to hold the ribbon in place.

P1000865Sometimes ribbons when cut tend to fray, so I usually seal the ends with a bit of PVA glue. First though, I cut the ribbon end into a V shape, then used a small paintbrush to apply superglue.


The size of the finished bouquet is fairly small, I think it would be perfect for a bridesmaid at a wedding. Of course the bride should have something more flashier! Haha. I am making another bouquet as of now, I finally learnt how to make a Naomiki Sato rose so I’m gonna do my best to make another wonderful bouquet. ^_^


P1000872Materials: 240 5cm squares in twelve colours (cut from 24 sheets of 15cm squares), 24 white buttons, 24 florist’s wires, florist’s tape, one metre of dark red ribbon, superglue, PVA glue

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