Origami pinwheel hair pin

This is the last thing I can share with you before I go on holiday for three weeks. I will be away from my computer for the entire duration, and also away from my workspace and materials, so it’s not like I could make anything anyway. ='(

I’ve always tried to make origami into more useful and practical things, other than just decorations to hang up and fill my room with. The pinwheel is a very simple design to make, so I turned it into a hair pin.

To do this, I sewed a blue button to the centre of a blue pinwheel with cotton thread and varnished it and glued it to a hair grip. Then I made two elastic strands of blue beads with varnished lucky stars and a long ribbon bow to decorate. I’m a very avid hair accessory fan, so I will use it a lot.

The shuriken match with the whole ‘origami ninja’ theme, haha.



Materials: 6cm square of blue-patterned paper, two strips of lucky star paper, lots of blue seed beads, blue ribbon, blue button, white cotton thread, elastic thread and needle, superglue, hair grip, paper varnish

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