Angel aura quartz – “Prism”

Aura quartz crystals are not natural, but man-made. It is a quartz crystal with a layer of some metal to coat it. The metal coating provides a beautiful iridescent display of colours when held in light. However, due to its synthetic process, these crystals are used more for decoration than for healing.

Angel aura, sometimes known as opal aura, is a quartz crystal coated with platinum or silver. This creates a rainbow of colours in the light. It was one of the more expensive stones from the market, but I couldn’t resist how pretty it looked!

My stone in particular had a small part jutting out of the side. That made it very easy to wrap the top of the stone to turn it into a pendant. In fact, I went through a lot of wire trying to make a nice shape, until I gave up and decided to just wrap around the top a lot until it firmly held into place, haha.

P1000659Materials: Angel aura quartz piece, 0.80mm silver wire


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