Bronze charm necklace

So I went to Hong Kong for about two weeks and a half on the 1st of July. Yes, I’ve been home for about a week now… Getting used to timezones and sleep again. I did bring back a few nice things, both merchandise-wise and craft-wise. Of course, I was able to acquire some pretty coloured and patterned papers, so expect some origami flowers! I’ve been thinking to make a flower bouquet actually, but it will take me a while to make, as most of my origami projects tend to be. I still have a half-finish jar of straw stars, sorry!

What caught me by surprise though, was the bead and charm shop in a corner of the Tai Po Plaza. It was kind of like a bead boutique, with trays full of charms and jewellery findings. I bought a few charms, hair clips and chains initially and wanted to come back if I had any money left, but would you know it, I had pretty much no money left by the end of the holiday. Shame really, the shop had a lot of bronze and steampunk-style stuff.

There were a lot of key pendants there, and I’m a huge key fan. All the keys were unique too, it sure was hard just choosing one! I then chose a few other charms to make a simple necklace. As it turns out, the chain length is really long, about 20 inches long, but the weight of the key looks okay. It’s a nice memento of my holiday. ^_^


Materials: Assorted bronze charms, bronze chain, bronze jump rings

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