Bright button charm bracelet

Yes, another button jewellery item! This time, since the selection of buttons was bright and colourful, I thought that the best way to show them off was on a charm bracelet. They certainly are quite eye-catching, even if your arm is down to your side. And they make a wonderful rattling noise since I put one button on every link in the chain.

You’ll notice that I didn’t use jump rings to attach them to the chain. The buttons were so large that I couldn’t make a suitably sized jump ring, so I made ‘square’ links by measuring out enough wire for a button and bending the wire with my flat-nosed pliers.

Now, I wonder, what else could I make out of buttons? And don’t suggest earrings, they’re fairly easy enough. ;P


Materials: 20 assorted colourful buttons, charm bracelet, 0.80mm silver-plated wire, jewellery pliers

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