Earrings – “Angel in the sky”

Earrings made with blue shell heart and star, a pair of silver wing charms and glossy pearls. At the moment, my earrings are nothing too complicated, I just put components together. One day I’d like to extend my wire-wrapping so that I can wrap small stones and make earrngs from them.

The components seem to work together well, both appearance-wise and in symbolism. I like to see it as the blue shell components being the sky and the wings as angel’s wings. Typically, of course. XD

Wing charms are very versatile, I recommend keeping a few in your bead box. A small matching pair makes a lovely pair of earrings. A single large one makes a nice focal piece for a necklace. Or you can finish a simple beaded bracelet with a wing charm for that added touch. I got these from a pack of six from Hobbycraft.

By the way, does it look nice hanging from a cup like this? I’m still undecided on how to display them.


Materials: Silver-plated ball earrings, 0.80mm silver wire, silver wing charms, blue shell heart and star, small 4mm pearls

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