Vintage button necklace

Just bought a load of buttons the other day. Did you know you can make quirky jewellery using buttons? (I’m pretty sure you can create jewellery out of anything, but you know. ;P)

A button necklace is very easy to make. All you have to do is thread buttons onto waxed cord or thread to create a layered effect. That’s it! Even the clasp is a loop and a button. It’s a very basic project and great if you have lots of buttons lying around. I specifically bought a set to make this, but next time I’ll buy assorted buttons on its own.

I didn’t have enough buttons to make it look a bit better, but an idea is to stack two or more buttons on top of the larger buttons to compliment colours and make the front of the necklace look really nice.

Firstly, sort out your buttons into size order, and into two piles if you wish.


Make a loop and tie a double knot, then thread the first button on.


Thread the next button below the first, and the next button on top, creating two layers.


If you get a button with four holes, thread diagonally.


Keep going, increasing the size of the button as you go along.


When you reach the middle of your necklace, start decreasing the button size.


Once you reach the end, tie a small knot and hide it behind the button.

P1000627Thread on another button and tie a double know behind it to make the clasp.


As you can see, the buttons go quite well together. Other types of necklaces can be bright neon-coloured, or colour-coordinated.P1000629

Materials: Assorted vintage buttons, length of waxed brown thread

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