Colourful butterfly hair band

I have been meaning to make something butterfly-themed for a while now. I wanted to make a hair pin, but I could not find any local stores selling them, however John lewis sell metal hair bands and hair combs in their craft section, so I had to get some!

At first, I was planning on using seed beads and wire thread to cover the wings, but after a bit of digging, I found some lovely shiny beads that had been untouched since the day I bought them. (Going through the bead box is like a treasure hunt, you’ll never know what you’ll find next, even if it’s your own. XD)

The coloured beads were from a local jewellery store back in my home town in Telford, and the large shiny round beads and wire are from a local store at my current location in Cambridge. The wire hasn’t been flattened though… Do you think it would have looked better that way? My hammer and block haven’t arrived yet, so I had no choice.


Curious question though, when can I actually wear it without looking out of place? XD


Materials: Assorted beads, 0.40mm silver wire, 1.00mm silver wire, metal hair band

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