Origami earrings collection

You may have seen that for a lot of my modular origami projects, I tend to cut smaller squares to make my units. Origami paper comes in 15cm squares usually, but I find that the finished model can be quite large, so I like cutting them into four 7.5cm squares, or even nine 5cm squares. But this usually leaves me with extra squares and nothing to use them on – the spare paper stack grows constantly!

I had a little paper varnish and some jewellery findings from different projects and thought, what if you could repurpose them as jewellery? You can fold small models and wear them. The paper varnish can help make the model sturdier and fare better against the elements.

Turns out the idea of origami jewellery – especially earrings – is already quite an established and popular idea if you look it up online, haha… But you can add a personal touch by using unique paper patterns.

I went with three types of earrings. The first was a pair of black origami cranes on brass gold pins and earring hooks. The paper pattern here had some nice gold markings and red goldfish that really make it stand out!

The next pair were some origami Yoshizawa butterflies on silver end pins and earring hooks. It can be quite tough folding this on such a small scale because of the part where you have to reverse-fold the body. I used floral purple paper for this.

Lastly I made some small origami pinwheels. By themselves they were not terribly eye-catching, so I added some chain and glass pearls to make it a bit more fashionable. I used floral red and white paper.

I made a pair of origami earrings a long time ago (before the birth of this blog!) but this new collection are much more fashionable than my first attempt. They have some elegance to them! And you could have an entire collection of origami cranes in different colours. You can really get creative with this!

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