Mixed purple origami bouquet

When you look up origami bouquets, you might see images of different types of origami flowers, folded from patterned or themed paper, and tied up neatly and used as a decoration or even as a bridal bouquet. Most of the bouquets I’ve made before have all been one type of flower but in different colour shades, so I thought I should spend some time branching out.

The most popular flowers are lilies, tulips, and kusudama flowers. I mixed up lots of colours on the same colour spectrum and different patterns. I also added some carambola flowers later – I had to learn how to make these from a video fairly quickly but I will come back to this in a different project!

The stems I am using are sugarcraft stems used in baking – they are already wrapped for you and a bit sturdier than normal wires. I could wrap it myself if I wanted to…

I also got myself a new glue gun and changed the way I attached lilies – I glued a bit of tissue paper to the stem and then slid the stem through. It will still need wrapping at the base with florist tape though.

I also needed some floral tape to hold the stems together. I learnt a neat trick to cover the bottom of your bouquets with a piece of spare ribbon glued to the bottom, before the wrapping step.

Leave enough ribbon to tie a large bow where you’d like it to be, ideally as tall as the vase you are using, or where you’d hold it.

The flowers may push each other a lot so make sure they are extra secure! They will squish up and fall off otherwise. I definitely have plans to make more types of themed bouquets.

Below you may also notice – I got a new light box to take photos with! Hopefully my future photos will looked almost professional in quality!

Materials needed:
– 15cm square assorted patterned origami paper
– 15cm plain purple paper
– 18g sugarcraft stems
– florist tape
– purple satin ribbon
– tissue paper (if needed, to attach some flower heads)

Tools needed:
– hot glue gun
– craft knife and cutting mat
– wire cutters

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