Yellow beaded flower hair clip

I bought a lot of seed beads a long time ago and they just sit in a box on my desk, not really being used much. At some point, I moved flats and the beads got shaken up as well! It was time to do something with them.

I had a little bit of 0.4mm silver wire left, so I started weaving them into little petals. Pearl yellow for the outline, and clear yellow for the centre.

On my first attempted I snapped a wire on a bend! You have to pull them so that they are secure, but I was a bit too aggressive with that one…

I made five petals for a flower, and two smaller petals of just green beads to represent leaves.

The last time I tried something like this, I twisted all the wires together to form the stem, but it was quite hard to attach to a hair comb… I then learnt about a useful thing called a bead sieve. It has little holes for you to feed small wires through, to organise it better.

It looks so messy underneath!

I fed another wire through with a large green button to cover the centre on the top, then I made two green tassels comprised of green seed beads, glass beads, and bugle beads attached to beading wire.

I hot-glued the tassels and the bead sieve to a piece of circular felt, then I hot-glued that to an alligator hair clip.

The nice thing about using wire for this is that you slightly bend the petals a bit to look more flowery! I bent the petals upwards, and the leaves away from the flower.

Materials: yellow and green seed beads, 0.4mm silver wire, mix of green beads, silver crimp beads, beading wire, green button

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