Kusudama – “Kirikomi Kiriko Tourou – Bara Kasane”

This is the “Kirikomi Kiriko Tourou – Bara Kasane” (切り込み切子 灯篭 – バラ重ね) model from Tomoko Fuse’s Kusudama Origami book. This model has a different faceted face which I like a little more than my previous but very similar “Kirikomi Kiriko Tourou – Hana Suisha” model.

I used pink floral patterned paper and decorated it with red and pink glass beads. The flower insets were red and yellow dual-coloured paper.

Materials needed:
– six 15cm squares of double-sided paper
– six 7.5cm squares of dual-sided red and yellow paper
– red twine
– assorted red and pink glass beads

Tools needed:
– craft knife and cutting mat
– PVA glue

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