Kusudama – “Kirikomi Kiriko Tourou – Hana Suisha”

I have previously made a “Kirikomi Kiriko Tourou – Suisha” (切り込み切子 灯篭 – 水車) model from Tomoko Fuse’s Kusudama Origami book before.

This version is known as the “Kirikomi Kiriko Tourou – Hana Suisha” (切り込み切子 灯篭 – 花水車) – it is a a cut faceted waterwheel-style lantern with a flower inset. I used standard 15cm square paper this time since the last one was so fiddly!

I decorated the twine with some blue glass beads. The size of the kusudama is so much nicer with 15cm paper!

Materials needed:
– six 15cm squares of double-sided patterned paper
– six 7.5cm squares of dual-sided blue paper
– blue twine
– assorted blue glass beads

Tools needed:
– craft knife and cutting mat
– PVA glue

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