Quilled flower card

I did make a card for Mother’s Day as well, but I’ve decided to generalise here, as it can be used for any occasion. I wanted to practice quilling some more.

Here, I made a simple flower motif by combing teardrop shapes together. Next to it is a flowerbud, which is a single teardrop with a calyx v-scroll. And I added a butterfly to the scene as well. This is made with teardrop shapes, triangle shapes, and a v-scroll.

The shapes themselves are not hard to make. It’s the sticking down on uncurled pieces (e.g. like the white scroll in my card, it is so not neat!) that I’m having the most problems with. If I could just make pictures out of curled shapes then it would be okay! But you have to be a bit creative with quilling to tie everything together.


Materials: Paper, card, quilling paper, glue stick

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