Herringbone jewellery kit

The last kit that I purchased from Queenbeads was a herringbone kit. I already have a book about beadweaving, but I ended up buying this set because the colours and charms were very complimentary.


In this kit, we have: gold seed beads, dark gold seed beads, black accent beads, red accent beads, matching charms, beading needle, black silk thread, organza bag, and instructions.

P1010868To begin the bracelet, thread beads in ladder stitch for the first two rows, and then begin the herringbone pattern itself.


The first thing the instructions note is that you need a LOT of thread just for one bracelet. Sounds promising! I had to get someone else to help me with threading so that knots could be avoided.

P1010870For my first bracelet, it took me about three days on and off. I was busy during these days, and would work on the bracelet in my free time. I made a mistake though… The thread was so long that I left the bracelet on the windowsill so that I didn’t have to gather the thread. Well, it just so happened that those few days that I spent working on the bracelet were particularly sunny… Some of the beads lost their colour. 😦

P1010939This kit contains enough to make two bracelets. The dark gold one comes out slightly larger, and it says you can wear the bracelets separately or together. I had an issue with this kit though… The instructions said to use 6 metres of thread per bracelet, but the reel only came with 8 metres. I have a feeling that may have been a mistake in their notes. Either way, I ended up making the second bracelet with elastic clear thread. The bracelet was a bit stiffer as a result, but it does the job okay. When I have more time, I do plan to retry this pattern and make the bracelets better.


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