Earrings – “Frost flowers”

Some very easy-to-put-together earrings here.

Take three end pins and add Swarovski crystals to each one. Cut the lengths so that they are of varying lengths and create small loops that will be hidden.

Take another eye pin and connect the end pins to the loop; these are the stamens of the flower. Put the acrylic flower on so that it covers the loops of the end pins.

Attach a filigree cap and add another Swarovski crystal on top, then form a double loop around the loop on an earring hook. Repeat for a matching pair of earrings. Simple, huh? This idea is not anything new, so I sort of figured out the steps myself just by looking at pictures of other completed earrings.

In my set, I had white acrylic flowers, so I matched them with silver wires and light crystals. It’s about preference really!


Materials: acrylic white flowers, Sand Opal Swarovski bicone beads, silver filigree end cap, silver earring hooks and end pins

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