Crossweave jewellery kit

Another kit from the Queenbeads studio! This time we have the crossweave jewellery kit. It comes in a tin can! How quirky.


The contents of this kit are: blue pearls, blue fire-polished beads, blue seed beads, silver seed beads, beading thread, beading needle, jewellery findings for a bracelet and a pair of earrings, and instructions.

P1010858The instruction booklet is rolled up to fit in the can and may need some straightening out. As usual, there are pictures, but they are quite small. It isn’t a problem though, because crossweave is easy to learn.

P1010859I want to make a quick remark before I start; the pearls and fire-polished beads are just gorgeous! The kit designers have a very good eye for design.

P1010860To start with, you have to make a ladder of just pearls and fire-polished beads.

P1010861After making a long-enough ladder, you then traverse back over the ladder, adding seed beads that criss-cross over the pearls.

P1010862The findings add a bit of extra length, so my bracelet is slightly longer than I thought it would turn out. The chain comes with a matching pearl and bead!

P1010863For earrings, the process is similar except you criss-cross over both sides of the pearls.

P1010864The entire set is very vintage-like, and I learnt a new beading style. I very much enjoyed making this!


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