Minicraft mouse plushie

I started sewing this plush at least two months ago; apparently I’m really bad at sewing! The kit isn’t bad at all, however the fur had longer hairs on it, so my mouse looks a little on the overgrown side, haha.

The front cover of the pack contains the instructions for how to sew everything. The only complicated part is knowing how to sew “darts”; at least, I thought it was complicated, but it turns out that the fur templates are already set up to be sewn as normal.

Aside from the fur, the ears were made with felt, the arms and tail with thick string and the nose with yarn.


I tried to pull out the furs from in-between the seams, but some lines are still noticeable. The string tail is super cute!

P1010615The completed plushie stands at about 15cm tall if you account for the ears, and the fur is really soft to touch. The instructions are fairly easy to follow, so I recommend this line of products if you want to learn the basics of plushie sewing.

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