Snow quartz – “White whorl”

Snow quartz is also known as milky quartz. It is a gentle calming stone, which is said to enhance meditation by allowing you to link to deep inner wisdom. It is also said to provide support while you are learning lessons and to help you to let go of overwhelming responsibilities and limitations.

Snow quartz has the same healing properties as clear quartz but with a gentler effect. Like clear quartz, snow quartz is believed to help promote mental clarity. (From Crystal Well-Being)

Snow quartz is a quartz of  brilliant pure white. Traditionally it is referred to as white quartz, but the clarity of the stone likens it to snow. Whorls are circular patterns that occur in nature, and I wanted the pendant to have a mass of curls near the so-called bail of the frame.

This means that there isn’t much choice except to frame it with silver wire. Brass and copper wouldn’t work well, I think. Incidentally, I also got to use a new type of decoration with this stone; Swarovski pearls! I bought a bag of them on sale, but I have never been able to use them until now. The softness of the pearls match the snow quartz really well; better than the standard Swarovski crystals.

P1010707Materials: Snow quartz gemstone, 0.80mm sterling silver wire, two Swarovski pearls, silver chain

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