Wire jewellery with Linda Jones

*This post is quite picture-heavy*

I have a book called “Making Beautiful Bead & Wire Jewelry” by Linda Jones, which provides step-by-step instructions on how to make about 30 different projects involving rings, necklaces and earrings. This author is quite accomplished and is worth looking up if you are a beginner-to-intermediate jewellery maker; I myself actually got into jewellery making when I borrowed one of her other books from the local library. Here are some of the things that I made from this book.

The first project is a chunky cluster ring. Eight strands of wire are separated and curled out in various ways to form a very eye-catching ring. I suppose it’s quite impractical to wear on a daily basis though…


P1010463The other ring is a form of bird’s nest, with the ring base being a little more fancy. Instead of beads, gemstone chips can work here as well.

P1010471 P1010472 P1010473In the earrings chapter, I made the so-called “candelabra” earrings. This one relies quite heavily on symmetry, something which I don’t excel in… I used patterned glass beads in place of Swarovski crystals as the main focus.

P1010464 P1010467Finally, my last project is a shooting star hair pin. I even made my own silver wire hair grip to match the gold and silver pin. Instead of gold beads though, I used gold pearls, but mostly everything else was the same. I really like the idea of the invisible nylon trails!

P1010468 P1010469 P1010470

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