Kusudama “Hanahitai Mitsuya”

The next model I attempted from “Kusudama Origami – Hanakiriko” (くす玉おりがみ – 花切子) is called “Hanahitai Mitsuya” (花額三ツ矢) and it is very similar to “Mitsuya Kiriko” (三ツ矢切子), except the square pieces are flipped around to hold a flower in them. For the internal flower, red and yellow duo-coloured paper is a good choice.

Some pictures would better explain what I mean though.


To decorate the kusudama, I braided the four colours of twine together for the loop at the top. For the bottom, I made a Sonobe cube in the matching primary colours of the kusudama, then attached an embroidery tassel on the end.


The models that I make end up turning out fairly small. (For the size of paper that I use, the model becomes ~6-7cm alone.) They would fit in small gift boxes easily, and make lovely decorations.


Materials: Six 7.5cm chiyogami squares, six 7.5cm red and yellow duo-coloured paper squares, eight 7.5cm duo-coloured paper triangles, six 5cm paper squares (for Sonobe units), coloured twine, PVA glue

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