Easter fabric bunny

It’s Easter Day today! What else comes to mind but chocolate eggs, cute bunnies and yellow chicks? I was browsing my Facebook feed when I came across a blog post by Hobbycraft containing a tutorial on how to make a fabric bunny. Since I’ve been wanting to learn how to make proper plushies, I present to you my first experience of it!

I bought the fabric from a stall in the local indoor market, but the minimum purchase amount was a metre square. I didn’t actually need that much! Maybe I’ll save it for more bunnies in the future, haha.


You also needed some patterned fabric to go with the ears and the feet. I had spotty blue fabric on hand; I bought this from Cath Kidston a while back.


I might be at a slight disadadvantage… I don’t have a sewing machine, so everything is done by hand. This doesn’t present a huge problem in the early stages, but later, when you have to sew the body, a thimble proves quite useful.


Here are the ears, after sewing the matching fabric and turned inside out.

Here are the feet turned inside out as well.


And finally the arms! Normally the paws would have fabric too, but they get covered up in the end, so it wasn’t necessary. P1010250

Finally, put all the limbs in place on a piece of the body, then sew the body pieces together. A new skill I learnt was how to make boxed corners. This kind of makes the product spread out/get larger in a sense at the bottom. A useful trick, especially when making bags!


Turned out the bunny and stuffed it. It’s great seeing how everything comes together!

Once fully stuff, the bottom seam has to be slipstitched; this is an invisible stitched that sews seams closed without being visible.


For some reason, the tutorial gets a little funky here; it says to sew the feet on the outside so it peaks up, but it looks slightly different to how it said to make it. So I improvised here; I stuffed the feet, sewed the ends up and then slipstitched the feet onto the front of the body.


Why button eyes? Well, at first I attempted to embroider eyes… Then I realised that black was actually really hard to see against the very dark grey fabric, haha.


I made a carrot by stuffing orange felt. The top is made of a green felt trim wrapping the carrot.

The arms are slipstitched to the body with a small gap so that the bunny can hold stuff, like the carrot!

You’ll notice in the above picture that I made a face already. Well, that was done with cotton thread. However, since it’s calling “embroidering”, I decided to take it out and replace it with actual embroidery silk.

… And now my bunny’s gone off to steal my chocolate already. Give it back!


Materials: Grey cord fabric, blue polka dot fabric, orange felt, green felt, matching thread, embroidery thread, black buttons

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