Blue keychain kit

Whilst shopping on eBay for jewellery findings, I came across a seller jemeila04 who stocked many of the things that I needed, as well as simple kits to make jewellery pieces. (There was a flat shipping rate so I looked around for more things to buy in one go, haha.) I purchased two kits, a keychain kit and a kumihimo kit. I’ve yet to get around to kumihimo because it’s an entirely new thing to me, however I had a go at the keychain kit.

The pack contain a set of instructions and an organza bag with clearly labelled plastic bags holding different sets of beads and pins, as well as a bag containing spare findings. The instructions were quite easy to walk through.


Obviously, in order to use this kit, you need to have a set of jewellery pliers of your own, as well as a bead mat to stop beads rolling away.


The simple idea was to connect the different pins to the chain links on the main keyring. Some of the beads were really lovely, but then again, I’m a huge fan of the colour blue. ^_^ Each plastic bag had beads and a single head pin. You would put beads on it according to the instructions (or whatever order you preferred) and then cut the pin to size and make a link.


The finished piece. The kit cost me £2.99 and the flat shipping rate is £1, so very good for value! Make sure you make your links tight so that it’s sturdy when you attach it to your bag.


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